Emergency Response Plan For Office & Accommodation Areas


  • To ensure that the responsible personnel understands the Company Emergency Preparedness and Response plan.

Procedure and are able to apply it effectively if the need arises.

  • To ensure that systematic and orderly methods exist to preserve the safety of Company personnel in the event of an emergency


  • This instruction covers the handling of emergency situations on Company worksites and labor camps


  • None


  • The HSE Officer is responsible for the maintenance of the instructions and for ensuring that the appropriate personnel receives controlled copies of this instruction.


  • The safety representative shall be responsible for ensuring that emergency evacuations are carried out in an orderly fashion and according to the requirements of this instruction.


  • Where no site Safety Representative is assigned, the Project Manager shall assign these duties to a staff member with the necessary seniority to ensure his effectiveness.


  • Emergency Response Planning


Designated Site Safety Officer shall study the layout plans (Site/Office/Accommodation) and determine the following:

• Assembly points for evacuation
• Escape routes/Emergency Exit
• Locations for Safety Notice Boards
• Locations for emergency equipment (extinguishers, etc.)
These shall be clearly indicated on a Site/Evacuation Plan drawing, which shall be posted on the Safety Boards on the (Site/Office/Accommodation). These locations shall be recorded.

The following notices shall be posted at pre-determined locations in the sites:
•"On hearing a whistle or alarm
• "In case of of an Emergency"


The Site HSE Officer shall ensure that the following precautionary measures are implemented:
• All important and emergency telephone numbers shall be placed in offices and in the watchman's cabin.
•The complete area of construction and site facilities shall be fully covered with suitable firefighting equipment
• All necessary personnel shall be given basic training for use of First Aid and Fire Fighting equipment available on site.

• Site management workers shall be trained and fully aware of how to use fire extinguishers in case of fire/emergency.

All training carried out shall be recorded on the form "safety training program"

Fire Evacuation Procedure :

The alarm shall be raised immediately.
With the exception of fire wardens, all personnel shall proceed to the pre-determined Assembly Point (if safe to do so) and await further instruction.

The Safety Officer or Fire Warden shall locate the fire. He shall then phone the Civil Defense Fire Brigade (if necessary). He shall provide his name and the following information:
• Number of injured person (if any)
•The location of the fire.
•What is burning?

The HSE Officer shall instruct office or accommodation staff to proceed to the pre-determined Assembly Point.
The HSE Officer shall decide whether total or partial evacuation shall be required.
All personnel shall remain at the assembly point until everyone has been accounted for and the HSE Officer gives the all-clear.
All Subcontractors Site HSE Officers shall be responsible for accounting for the headcount of their own personnel and informing the Company Site safety Officer.