We have the great pleasure to introduce Castello Cast Aluminium W.L.L. Specializing in Aluminium Fabrication and other related products. Having well established in QATAR, we are able to make use of our vast knowledge & resources in designing, engraving, routing, fabricating & installing both in Cast Aluminium and Stainless Steel, C N C cuts, and water jet cutting for Aluminium and Steel respectively. Our product ranges from, Fencing, Grilles, Pedestrian Barriers, Windows, Doors, Handrails, Road Duct Marker products, and gates which range from Swing Gate Operator, Sliding Gate Operator, Gate Barriers and Radar operated Entrance system.
We proudly claim that the company's success is mainly due to strict quality control maintained by the company staff and assuring you the quality of International Standards.
As of now, we have highly skilled and motivated staff guided by the management and we are the only Aluminium Manufacturer in QATAR equipped with computerized engraving facilities. This allows us to achieve high standard precision works.
Castello Cast Aluminium W.L.L is fitted up with most modern machinery and equipment, and we keep up to date with the latest technology which entitles us to meet all the needs of the market effectively, efficiently, and sufficiency.
Hence we can dare say that we are soaring above any competition and nothing comes close to our standards.
Believing in G O D and our qualifications, we struggle to do our best to be among the earnest team who try to add more prosperity to this blessed country.

We believe that by willpower and determination we all can arrive making our motto is "Our progress should be supported by our mutual trust"


-The Corporate Management Committee has statutory responsibility for the Company's strategic direction and general reputation, financial viability, and the maintenance of high standards of conduct and probity. It, therefore, has ultimate responsibility for quality management. The Audit and Risk Committee oversees the Internal Audit Strategy. which has a significant role in quality management.

- Implementation of the CASTELLO CAST ALUMINIUM W.L.L quality management framework involves the three key governing entities' operating in partnership:
- Board of Directors

-The Corporate Management Committee supported by the Senior Management Team
These entities, advised and assisted by the Quality Committee, are responsible for providing clear and consistent leadership in quality management. All committees of management and sub-committees play important roles in quality management. Quality management, however, remains the responsibility of all organizational units and all staff.

Organizational Units, Divisions, Sections, Work Units, and other Subsidiary Entities Benchmarking the systematic comparison of an organization's inputs, systems, processes, and outputs both against those of external bodies and internally against previously collated in-house data.

About Us

  • Eng. Nazih Elhage
  • Mr. Nizar Madi
  • Mr. Ajeesh Puthenveetil


  • Projects Manager
  • Procurement & Inventory Manager
  • Safety Officer

Mr. Ziad Abo Al Hosn

Chief Executive Officer - Partner

Mr. Fadi Rafie

Chief Financial Officer - Partner

Mr. Mohammed Mokhtar

Production Manager in charge